Private Individual Sessions


Public events & gallery readings
An Evening with Lisa J.

  • Receive messages in a group setting
  • Feel the connections 
  • Be a part of the conversations and validations
  • Share your stories 
  • Learn from others & heal together in a group setting
  • Any size group
  • *Not everyone guaranteed a message depending on size of venue

    Dates TBA
    Available to visit to your city

Private Group Sessions

  • An intimate circle with your friends and family
  • As many guests as you would like (not everyone is guaranteed a message and it depends on group size)
  • Travel charges will apply
  • Please contact for pricing
  • Min. 2 hours
  • All guests must agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE 
The greatest leaders in the world have tapped into the unlimited potential intuitive have to increase their revenue.  Why not you?

  • Lisa helps during the hiring stage to make sure potential employees are a good fit for your needs. By gaining a deeper understanding of their potential employees, it helps guide employers to make better hiring decisions to save money and prevent future problems 
  • Learn what makes every employee succeed to increase revenue and create a happy work place
  • Learn how to communicate better with your employees for greater productivity and employee motivation
  • By working with management on all levels, Lisa can help you to create better communication within your staff
  • to increase productivity and revenue. 
  • Create better work relationships for everyone at the company by understanding different personality characteristics
  • Employee coaching for better overall business practices
  • Contact Lisa J. Smith to discover an unique way to help your company be its best
Lisa can help you and your employees be more successful today for greater success tomorrow.  Lisa J. has worked with several businesses helping them to become even more successful.


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