Lisa J. Smith is known as, "The New Voice for a New Age."  Born and raised in Detroit and now making her home in Ojai, CA.  Her entire life she has connected with spirit by seeing hearing, feeling, sensing, and most of all, knowing that spirit is always there. 

Lisa J. uses her accurate healing, intuitive and mediumship abilities to help empower, uplift and help people transform their lives.   Her unique delivery, her positive attitude, her approachable girl next-door charm and her down to earth messages are quickly touching the lives of people all over the world.

Lisa J. Smith works with her clients, listeners and audience members in a unique way so as to touch their soul and heal their hearts.   Her unique and positive outlook on life is changing the way people around the world view themselves, and others, even through tough times. 

She hosted a live daily 3 hour show on CBS radio for several years, has been a guest on countless other radio and T.V. shows, and is a published author. 

Her years of experience, and her uncanny ability to connect on an intimate and very deep level, and her own personal stories, are helping people to transform their lives.  

More often than not, Lisa J. does not tell you what you "don't know," but validates what "you already do know" as a validation you are on the right track.  

Lisa connects with your loved ones and pets who have crossed over by validating they are still with you. She gives you heartfelt and honest messages of their infinite connection with you.  She also leaves each person with tools and a greater awareness of their situation(s), along with a deeper understanding of the people and situations around them.

"Change your perception change your life" is often what Lisa is heard saying.  She's not here to prove that spirit exists, to tell people their "life purpose" or what they "should" or "should not do."  She is here to offer encouragement, connections and new ways of looking at life. Her commitment to her work, and to better the world, has helped thousands of people look at their lives and situations differently. They  find clarity, closure, peace, connections, greater awareness and empowerment. They heal the old in order to transform the new. 

Lisa believes that we're all intuitive, we are all "psychic" and there's nothing she can do that you can't.  Lisa is not about "believing in traditional psychic abilities." She is not about proving that spirit exists or that your loved ones are still with you even though she has given thousands of messages that prove they are. She is here to share what she hears, sees, feels, senses, and knows with all those that find her and are open to transformation.

Lisa's passion is to help people, heal, learn and to enable people to help themselves.  Lisa says, "by helping one person at a time, that change will affect all people throughout the world."  She is doing this with her messages, intuitive connections, education and healing.

Lisa J. Smith's work and mission is to be of service using her intuition, mediumship abilities and experiences to heal, connect, share, educate and enlighten those she meets by bringing awareness through private sessions, workshops, lectures, the media and through her books and products.

Lisa is available for lectures, college-speaking events, television and radio appearances.  She is the author of,  36 Months, 3 Years of Healing Through Social Media Posts and Message of the Moment, both available on Amazon and

She is also a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master, has a BA in Psychology and Developmental Psychology and has served as an expert on several different panels in the paranormal.

As she says, "Wherever you are, I am too."

Lisa J. Smith

(248) 593-5227