I'm a former CBS Radio nationwide talk show host, the author of two books, and the author of Heal Your Inner Child on the DailyOM.  From 1 to 1000+, I give individual messages,  group readings, classes, workshops and lectures. 

I have been an intuitive and energy healer for over 15 years. I'm a Psychic Medium, yet I don't focus on predictions. Sessions are more for healing, validations and clarity. I don't use tools (i.e. Tarot or other cards) to connect.

I feel, hear, see, sense and just "know" what I need to know to give you messages. 

My clients contact me to help them shift perspectives, gain clarity, receive messages and validations from the other side, and gain a better understanding of their lives and the people in them. 

I read energy, so I am able to give you messages from "this side' and "the other side", pets and tapping into past lives if that is what is needed in a session.

Through my private sessions, workshops, lectures and media appearances, I have helped thousands of people all over the world gain greater clarity and understanding, while giving them tools to transform their lives.

I also work as a business consultant to help increase productivity, and synergy, in businesses of all sizes. 

I make various radio, TV, and other media appearances to share messages, educate people on what psychic is and is not, and change perspectives. I can be seen on an episode of Dead Files Revisited on the Travel Channel. 

'I may not always tell you what you want, but I tell you what you need, because what you want is not always what you need".   I always say I'm here to, "help you understand your humanity by working with your spirit".

Please read though my testimonials to hear what others are saying about their sessions with me.

I have a B.A in psychology and in developmental psychology,and holds several certificates in various healing modalities.  I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Seichim/Sekhem and All Love Master/Teacher. I have sat on several Paranormal panels around the country.

 Wherever you are, I am too.

Lisa J. Smith

(248) 593-5227