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I can't believe how accurate and dead on your reading was!! I listen to it quite often and love it . The validations you gave me were such amazing truths about my dad and not just anyone could have known the things you said.  Thanks Lisa, keep up the good readings ~!!  YOU ROCK ! "  Cyndi, Concord, CA


What a session will do for you?

  • Connect with your loved ones who have crossed over
  • Better understand each relationship in your life by connecting with people on "this side" 
  • Heal deep inner child and adult wounds by connecting and bridging the two
  • Find closure in situations and in relationships
  • Empower yourself 
  • Connect and better understand your pets
  • Gain greater understanding of situations in your life; work, relationships, old and new
  • Get to the 'root' of the issue
  • Understand the "issue(s)" to remove the block
  • Gain a new perspective of the same old situation you have not moved passed on
  • Learn who you really are and who you are not
  • Understand why you continue to choose the same situations over and over again
  • Lisa J. does not makes predictions
  • You are NOT told what to do
  • Lisa work's with energy  so distance has no bearing on her messages and work
  • Learn to make your own decisions...they will not be made for you
  • Available for private sessions by phone, group sessions, workshops and lectures
‎                                                                                                   "The wound is the place where the Light enters you."   Rumi


Lisa J …"I had an amazing phone session with you yesterday morning.  Within the first few minutes, you not only tapped into my heart and my health, but also my history. The hour flew by and I have pages filled with notes from the many truths and validations you gave me from Spirit. I felt very safe & blessed with your kind words of wisdom and guidance.  You helped me to embrace where I am headed … now that I understand where I have been, and where I belong. In closing, I’ll borrow a quote from your wonderful book, “Message of the Moment". You inspire me.  Thank you!!"   Jane Auburn, CA   


 Hi Lisa,

Years ago you picked me out of a group at the Birmingham Community House and gave me messages from my dad. You had told me if I see a black butterfly with red on it's wings, it was my dad watching me. I wanted to let you know that the day my step mom re-buried him (long story), I was feeling down. I went to the mall after with my sister and my mom and my favorite/only store I go to had a shirt with black and white butterflies with red dots at the very front of the store on the rack facing the middle of the mall. There have been numerous times I have seen similar butterflies and before then I was not even aware of such a butterfly.Also, I told you I saw a light ship before and you told me it might've been higher dimensional beings. I have been working on my chakras with a meditation by Doreen Virtue, and asking for clear signs from the angels, and I get them all the time. Your contributions to my life have helped give me confidence to pursue writing about my experiences with spirit in the business world. I intend to marry spirituality and love with business. I was supposed to be a legacy in insurance so I am definitely getting a lot of attention from people. I am a bit nervous but you're supposed to feel the fear and do it anyway right? Life is very, very interesting. I just wanted to say thank you for lighting that spark of interest in me. Very healing experience. Thank you!  Sincerely,  Julie T., MI    

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 Lisa J. Smith is a well known intuitive medium known for her ability to connect with others in a practical, honest, and down to earth way.   She is known to empower and uplift people in a unique way.  She touches the hearts of people with her messages, outlook, and ability to get to the heart of each person she connects with.

Lisa  J. has helped thousands of people heal, change their perceptions as well as learn to use their own intuition so they can learn to enrich their own lives to their fullest potential.  Her validations, messages, and advice is why she is becoming know as, "The New Voice for a New Age."   

She also is a multi-media host, author, and lecturer and is always looking for new ways to get her message of empowerment and healing out to the world. 

If you're looking for predictions and to know your future only, Lisa J. Smith may not be what you're looking for. 

 "If you want someone who connects spiritually, emotionally and effectively with a radio audience, look no further than Lisa J. Smith...the amount of fan mail we get from her devoted fans is staggering!"   Tim Roberts, Detroit, CBS Radio Operations/Program Director

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Before your session with Lisa J. Smith, you have read and will AGREE to all the Terms of Service set forth by Lisa J. Smith


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