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Thank you Lisa J. for the talk earlier today. As I have sat here knowing that I should be resting if I want to get rid of this yuck, my mind can't stop. Isn't that something we discussed? I have gone over the notes that I scribbled. At the time there were things I didn't want to examine or admit to myself were true. But, I get it. My inner child has been in control "playing" at being adult for so long. Time to be the adult and take care of her needs and pay attention to my own. I normally try not to post personal things on FB. But today I did post the thoughts that were playing over and over in my mind. You helped to put so much into perspective for me. And maybe, just maybe, my thoughts and realizations can reach someone who can benefit. Thank you again Lisa. Thank you for all you do for the people who seek clarity.  I have and will continue to recommend you. You have always been fun and easy to talk to and completely accurate. Love to you. Anna M  9/29/16

"Hello there,  my name is Cyndi and I was blessed by our conversation one day back when you were doing a radio talk show on Sky radio.  At first I was skeptical about asking a psychic if she could help find my cat "Sugar," but then you started saying things that actually could be true and with such accurate details , I couldn’t help but open up to the fact that you might be real.  Well on this particular day the radio show was slow and there weren’t any other callers at the time so you allowed me to ask another question. I asked about my stepdad Larry and whether or not he was disappointed in me for still being an addict.  The reading you gave me changed my life Lisa. The validations and the messages you conveyed to me that day were so AMAZINGLY POWERFUL that I quit using drugs shortly after that!!!It’s been 5 years now and my life has changed so much! I have thought about you often and still listen to the podcast of my reading often. So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA!!! You are the best at what you do and I really would love to set up a private reading with you.  Thanks again",  Cyndi  3/27/16

"Hey there! So a few years back my grandma passed away and I wrote to you through your website and you read my email. You said my grandma came through and said she can breathe again and that her legs/feet don't hurt anymore. Those 2 things were so spot on I'll remember those words until the day I die. Thank you so much! I love SO much all that you do!"   J., MN

"I had an amazing phone session with you yesterday morning. Within the first few minutes, you not only tapped into my heart and my health, but also my history. The hour flew by and I have pages filled with notes from the many truths and validations you gave me from Spirit. I felt very safe & blessed with your kind words of wisdom and guidance. You helped me to embrace where I am headed … now that I understand where I have been, and where I belong. In closing, I’ll borrow a quote from your wonderful book, “Message of the Moment” …You inspire me.  Thank you!!"  Jane, Auburn, CA 

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